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Our goal at U.S. Veterans Home Loans is to provide real estate investors with the financing they need to secure their next fix-and-flip loan. Always looking to the future and planning for your next property, we understand your need to work with a bridge loan or hard money lender who can act quickly. Our single-family fix-and-flip loans offer short-term mortgage financing so you can purchase, renovate, repair, and then sell your single-family home investment. Depending on your specific project, rates and terms will vary — ultimately providing you with the custom loan you need. We work hard to ensure our loan options are accessible to all types of investors.


What You Should Know Before Applying

– The purchase price of the home

– The current value of the home

– Any estimated repair costs

– The estimated completed value of the home

– Holding fees, including insurance, HOA dues, and other expenses


Should You Rent Or Sell Your Investment Property?

Investing in real estate is a great opportunity to do something creative while also increasing the value of a home, and even the neighborhood. After you have secured a hard money or bridge loan from U.S. Veterans Home Loans, many investors struggle with deciding whether to flip and sell the house or to rent it out. Here are some things to consider.

Profitability: If you’re looking for a quick return on your investment, fixing the home and selling it may be your best option. However, it’s important that you follow the 70% rule and possibly have some experience under your belt in flipping homes. A safer option is to rent or buy-and-hold the property, as it provides some income over a long period of time and it gives you the opportunity to wait for the market price to appreciate, at which point you can sell the house.

Property Management: There is some level of property management in both scenarios; however, when renting a home, there is a much bigger responsibility when it comes to managing the property. During the fix-and-flip process, there is little property management required, so it may be a better option for people who don’t have sufficient time to give the property after it’s flipped. When renting the property, you will be responsible for the tenant’s needs and making sure they take care of the property.

Taxes: Fix-and-flip properties require a significant tax payment, which will eat into your income. A rental property does not require a large percentage of income tax.

Regardless of where you are in the process of securing your investment property, reach out to our Elite Team today to learn if a single-family fix-and-flip loan is right for you.

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